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like bad poetry, only less so...

The poetry and prose of Laurel Chaisson

2/11/06 09:24 pm - 7thfeather - Atlas picks up where he left off

Ever wanna just drop it, Atlas?
Just stand tall and quit
not too late to reverse the glut
take two fingers and empty your gut.
Next time you'll know better.

2/11/06 09:21 pm - 7thfeather - first place

my eyes are tired, my hands are shaking
my dear sandman, the sand is caking
I can't really hold the tape tight
but one day I'll be just as light
air reaches the viscosity of water these days
it's all a blur shrouded in haze
But someday I'll be thin,
that's the day I'll win.

2/9/06 10:51 pm - 7thfeather - starshine blah

bring me back some of that
starshine, baby
My hands are too heavy to lift
my heart is too heavy to lift
bring me back some of that
starshine, baby
think of it as a gift
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1/20/06 09:34 pm - 7thfeather - Every Body

Every body
by Laurel Chaisson

the heavy bodies everybody's seperated by,
sluggish mouths; lethargy
personified and certified
signed by the commissioner.
strike up the bloated rhythms
and start the somber calculation
of the space between the notes
between my words

1/5/06 11:08 pm - 7thfeather - Choking on these things

Choking on these things
by Laurel Chaisson

Under the weather, under your plate
Can’t feel your heartbeat in this state
Skipping meals but starving heals;
Plays into all the grim ideals.
Fainting spells and weakened knees
Who doesn’t love to be diseased?
Close your mouth, close your mind
It’s only lies, they’re not that kind
You know it’s true, you thought you knew
You bit off more than you can chew.


(c) January 5th, 2006

1/4/06 03:54 pm - 7thfeather - Laughter

by Laurel Chaisson

tension, stretched thin across my heart
a constricting tightness in my veins
spreads like an adrenaline rush
pushing, erupting from my skin in blushing disbelief
upward-turned eyes grin and plead
for more of the honey-sweetness that pours from your lips
I'm easily satisfied, you know



(c) January 2006

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1/3/06 01:41 pm - 7thfeather - Helpful Character Sketch

I find this character sketch very useful when planning characters... it delves pretty deep and forces you to think about WHY your character is the way they are. Anyway, use it, it's really useful. ^___^ Depending on your story's world, you may have to add or leave out things.

1/2/06 07:58 pm - 7thfeather - Routine

by Laurel Chaisson

I am routine
I trap you when you least expect
Your will is not your own.
I guide you through life,
it's simple, it's easy
why not lay back and enjoy the feeling
of familiar scenes, people, places...?
Habits are hard to break
and my work will have you sucked dry
of any and all motivation.
I am in control,
you will obey me.
Even the things you see as stable
are only an illusion...


(c) August 2005


1/2/06 07:56 pm - 7thfeather - I Speak

I Speak
by Laurel Chaisson

I speak
But my words are tossed upon deaf ears.
Like harmless raindrops
As they t
                      e down the surface of a plastic umbrella,
My meaning drips off the edges
And collects on the cold, hard pavement below
Where it is trampled and forgotten.


(c) May 2005


1/2/06 07:55 pm - 7thfeather - The Leap

The Leap
by Laurel Chaisson

Sometimes I forget that I can no longer fly
and I’ll remember right at the last moment
so the vertigo can kick in and erupt in a scream.
I’ll be balanced on the edge of reason
with my eyes closed
when I realize what a shame it truly is to be reminded.
I will fail to remember that I left my umbrella at home
when I take
Into the spiralling downpour beneath.
It’s no use trying to forget
when you have already remembered.

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